We can order any brand or style of compression garment! We offer 10% off cash pay if you buy "one to wash one to wear".

As always we ship to you free of charge!

Lower Extremity

We offer lower extremity garments for both day and night wear, including knee-high stockings, thigh-high stockings, pantyhose, and more, in all different compression levels and fabrics. We also provide maternity compression wear.

Upper Extremity

We offer upper extremity garments for both day and night wear. We carry gauntlets, gloves, arm sleeves, and more, in all different compression levels and fabrics. We have both off-the-shelf garments available and the ability to order custom garments.


Velcro Wraps

We offer Velcro compression wraps for both lower and upper extremities. We have multiple brands in stock, and we can easily order custom Velcro wraps too. Our in-house compression specialists can help you find the perfect Velcro compression wrap.

Why Use Compression Wear?

Compression wear is used for many different purposes. Here are just a few ways compression garments can be useful:

  • Reduce/control edema/lymphedema
  • Prevent/reduce spider veins
  • Prevent/reduce varicose veins
  • Prevent/reduce ulcers
  • Prevent DVT's
  • Reduce scarring
  • Promotes tissue support after/during weight loss
  • Promote blood flow (athletes love this benefit)
  • Provide containment
  • Reduce swollen legs or varicose veins during pregnancy
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Our Compression Mission

Prairie Medical Supply carries many of the top compression garment brands, such as Juzo, Medi, BSN, Jovi Pak, Bia Care, Wear Ease, Solaris, BioFlect and more. We believe that by providing quality products that are dispensed by compression specialists, that we can help increase compliance of compression garments and help patients heal. Our compression specialists know how to find the perfect fit.

If you have questions about a specific compression garment, or if you're wondering what type of compression wear will work best for you, we would love to hear from you. We are here to help!

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We Can Help

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