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We carry a great selection of post-surgical garments made in America by Wear Ease and American Breast Care. We also carry many options for post-surgical compression, which will help reduce edema and aid in preventing Lymphedema.

Bras and Breast Forms

We carry the Treasure Valley's largest selection of in-stock bras and breast forms. We also have the advanced technology for custom-made breast forms. Our in-house mastectomy fitters can help you find the perfect bra and prosthesis.

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Why We Care

Prairie Medical is Idaho owned and operated by a woman, and her staff is predominantly women as well. She knows the stress, heartache, and pain that can be caused by breast cancer. She recently experienced these feelings when her mother went through breast cancer. Her mother's experience made her realize that it is important for women to have access to the right resources after surgery in order to feel whole again. It is our mission at Prairie Medical to make every woman who has experienced breast cancer feel confident, and we hope to instill some normalcy back into their lives as quick as possible.

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Lymphedema is a condition that affects 50-60% of women following breast cancer surgery, particularly in those who experienced radiation therapy or removal of lymph nodes.

Wearing arm and chest compression after surgery can help reduce the risk of swelling, as the compression garments aid in the flow of lymph fluid. Ask one of our compression specialists about the products available to help you prevent Lymphedema.

Prescribing Physicians

To print an example prescription for mastectomy related products, follow the link.

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